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Easy Backhand and Forehand Tennis Ground Strokes

Like in all sports there is a natural flow to all movements, in tennis the way you hit the ball is no different.

If you respect this natural flow and keep it simple, it will be easy for you to execute any tennis stroke.

At 60 years old I still can hit any tennis stroke with relative ease and power with very little effort.

The topspin or flat shots I generate from both wings backhand and forehand have great effortless power and are a trade mark I always strove to develop throughout my sports career, by hitting the ball clean in the center of the racket strings, at the top of the ball bounce or earlier, close to the baseline and with the least use of force possible by dynamically acting upon the shot.

Also, you must be aware that I am just playing forehands at about fifty percent of what is possible without even trying to use the power jumped forehand or backhand like these:

Federer, Nadal, Djokovic all out jumped forehands.
Roger Federer jumped backhand hit early on the rise!

You can do it too, by keeping it simple at first like I show here and than later upgrade it to maximum power jumped shots like the “boys” do at ATP level:

P.S.- To be honest I do not try any of those jumps the ‘boys’ do at ATP level, for fear of pulling a muscle or breaking a leg at my old age! 🙂